Pursuing Excellent Coffee and supporting our first responders


Our Journey began in 2017 when the Townsend family had developed a passion for roasting high quality, small batch coffee. The search began for the best coffee roaster, learning how to roast, and what importers to buy coffee from. A little over a year later the Townsend family was hit hard with tragic news; our brother and son, Police Officer, Clayton Townsend was killed in the line of duty. In the midst of this tragedy, Cole, Todd, and Trey were inspired to turn our passion into purpose. Clay Coffee Co. was born with a purpose to provide the community with great coffee, while giving back to first responders, and honor Clayton. Since then we have roasted thousands of pounds of coffee, support local cafes and restaurants, attend farmers markets, and love what we do. We are excited for each and every Clay Coffee Co. customer to be on this journey with us. Keep Sippin’!