Clay Coffee Co. was inspired by the loss of Officer Clayton Townsend and a love for good quality coffee. Clayton was a boy with a tremendous love for adventure that later let him to become an officer for the Salt River Police Department. Claytons love for serving others and his community was tragically cut short on January eight, two-thousand and nineteen, during a routine traffic stop when he was hit by a distracted driver. In the midst of this tragedy, a desire developed to help pass the distracting driving bill in the state of Arizona, as well as create something that would carry on Clayton’s name and the legacy he left behind.

Clayton was know for his infectious smile that lit up any room, his commitment to anything he set his mind to, as well as his generosity towards family, friends, and the community he worked for. These three attributes are the foundation of Clay Coffee Co. is built upon. Although, the void of lass can never be filled, our families hop is to carry on Clayton’s legacy and give back to those who have helped us heal along the way, as well as those who may need help in the future.We are committed to roasting the finest of quality coffee available and through this will bring enjoyment and smiles. Just as Clayton molded generosity, a portion of our profits will be donated to a first responder’s fund. Thank you for your support and taking time to read about how Clay Coffee Co. was born.