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About This Coffee

Featuring a blend of pulped-natural and traditional natural-processed lots, Clay Brazil features good body, sweetness with balance, and good moderate to mild acidity, suitable for espresso drinkers of all preferences.

Country of Origin: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais, Bahia & Espírito Santo
Growing Altitude: 700m - 1300m
Roast Level: Medium to Dark
Tasting Notes: Heavy body, chocolate, almond, toffee, dried fruits

History of Coffee in Brazil

American colonists had enjoyed coffee for fifty years before the inaugural coffee seed took root in Brazil in 1727. A century later, Brazil claimed 30% of the global coffee market. By the 1920s, Brazil's dominance reached a zenith, with an 80% share of the world's coffee production. Despite peaking in the 1920s, Brazil's ongoing reign as the top coffee producer continues to wield significant sway over market dynamics and coffee pricing. The adage "when Brazil sneezes, the coffee world catches cold" reflects this influence. In 1975, a devastating "black frost" obliterated over 70% of Brazil's coffee crop, leading to a doubling of coffee prices worldwide. Brazil's historical impact is further evidenced by its role as a founding member of the Pan-American Coffee Bureau, credited with popularizing the "coffee break" concept in the early 1950s through an innovative advertising campaign.

Customer Reviews

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CLAY COFFEE COMPANY - Clay Coffee Co. specializes in small batch, roasted to order, specialty coffee. We share our passion, and desire by sourcing the highest quality coffee, while sharing knowledge with our customers and community everyday. ​
Through our coffee, we hope it inspires you to stay grateful for your family, pursue your passions, and drink coffee through it all.
As a family-owned coffee roaster, we are dedicated to excellence and driven by a passion for crafting the finest coffee using only the highest quality beans. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every cup we roast. ​
What is specialty coffee?
Specialty coffee is a selection of coffees that are rated at least 80 out of 100. Coffee is graded using a scale, that has been created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to qualify desirable attributes within coffee.
How do I brew my coffee?
There are many ways to brew a great cup of coffee! We use a V60 in our roastery, but there are more methods available than we could begin to mention. The keys to great coffee are grinding fresh, using great water, and using an ideal ratio of coffee to water.
Is your coffee fair trade?
With every coffee we purchase, we support sustainable growing practices, paying fair prices, and sourcing through direct relationships. We are committed to improving the lives of coffee farmers, and the preservation of specialty coffee varieties.
Is your coffee organic?
A selection of our coffees are certified organic, however all coffees are purchased from farms that have good farming practices. If a coffee is certified organic you will see that noted on the coffee’s page.
What is the roast level of your coffee?
We offer a variety of roast levels from light to dark. Each coffee is roasted specifically to bring out the best flavor attributes for that coffee.
What's the shelf life of coffee?
Our recommendation is to brew within 60 days of its roast date.
What's the best way to store my coffee?
You can certainly store coffee in the sealed Clay Coffee Co. bags, in a cool, dark place. You might choose to use an air-tight container to reduce oxidation which promotes a longer shelf life.
When will my order ship?
Each coffee is roasted to order. We roast, package, and ship coffees Monday - Friday. Please allow 2 days for shipping from order date. If you order on Monday, your coffee will be roasted Tuesday and shipped Wednesday.
What is your return policy?
Because coffee is a consumable product with a limited shelf life, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns or exchanges except under certain circumstances.
If you received an incorrect item, or the item was damaged in shipping please contact us by emailing hello@claycoffeeco.com.
I have a problem with my order
. Please contact us with any questions, at hello@claycoffeeco.com. We are happy to help.